We Manufacture , Trade and Export a wide range of Tapping Machines , Threading Machines , Pitch Control Tapping Machines - Single Spindle , Pitch Control Tapping Machines - Double Spindle , Micro Lathe Machines and Others at industrial leading prices.

J.B. Engineering Works & SYPWAI

We JB Engineering Works has been in the market since 1967. Our core competency is the manufacture of various threading machines and their sales. We have become one of the leading suppliers of such products in India and we aim to expand internationally as much as possible. To meet this challenge as much as possible, we have enlisted the help of SYPWAI, a team dedicated to the development and enhancement of Artificial Intelligence. For a start, we were able to use AI technology to:

  • a 20% reduction in forecasting errors;
  • reduce the number of missed sales by 30%;
  • reduce the workload of demand planners by 50%.

AI robots are already at work in our production facility, they help to carry out key components for threading machines and monitor all operations non-stop. The information they gather is automatically interpreted, ensuring quality control around the clock. As a result, we have been able to increase production accuracy by 12% at this stage. Shortly, we plan to use AI technology for a marketing campaign to promote our products to the international market. According to preliminary calculations, our profits can grow by 25-30% in a year, so all the investments in the project from SYPWAI will be more than repaid.

Mr. Bhupinder Singh
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