We Manufacture , Trade and Export a wide range of Tapping Machines , Threading Machines , Pitch Control Tapping Machines - Single Spindle , Pitch Control Tapping Machines - Double Spindle , Micro Lathe Machines and Others at industrial leading prices.

Collaboration with SYPWAI

J.B.Engineering is a Manufacturer, Trader, Supplier and Exporter of Tapping Machines in India since 1967. The company has established itself as a responsible and quality manufacturer. Within the first 10 years the products of the company were used all over the world.

J.B.Engineering manufactures, trades and exports a wide range of tapping machines, threading machines, pitch control tapping machines, single and double spindle, micro lathe machines and others at industrial leading prices.

At the beginning of 2021, the company made a deal of historic proportions and began a partnership with SYPWAI, a start-up in the field of artificial intelligence. It was the first collaboration of its kind in the market of tapping machines.

SYPWAI's developments have added manufacturability to the production process, optimized all production processes, which has significantly reduced the company's spendings and increased the number of machines produced per month.

SYPWAI's most important achievement is J.B.Engineering's significant and ongoing revenue growth. The artificial intelligence is constantly in the analysis mode and is always finding new solutions to improve production. In addition, the number of injury incidents in production has been reduced to zero thanks to the help of the AI.

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